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Karma, Judgment and Respect
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Karma, Judgment and Respect
The Three Fold Law, & Grace

"As you sew so shall ye reap".
"What goes around comes around".
"Whatever you send out returns three times".

These are all sayings very familiar to all of us, all of them examples of a supposedly
Universal Law of cause and effect, action and reaction.
Of course many of the religious systems try to furnish us with some sort of "escape clause" that will allow man to either alleviate suffering from past misdeeds, or to escape responsibility totally.
Let us take a little closer look at these three ideas and their inter-relationship.
It seems that, on one level, we do live in a mechanistic universe, one pretty much ruled by cause-and-effect.
This Newtonian universe seems to react in a very mechanical fashion, i.e. every action "produces an equal and opposite reaction". A good analogy for this is the example of one billiard ball striking another. The energy from the striking billiard ball is transferred to the one struck and is used to push against the first, imparting motion in the line of it’s fire.

We are living in a society in which everyone believes they have the right to judge others, situations, things, life, and even our Creator, for more reasons then I could ever get on this paper. We all feel completely justified in the doing so.
But then someone judges us and we are hurt, wondering why, wondering where they got the right and why they just can’t accept us as we are. Well when you judge, don’t’ you stop to consider how this action makes you feel and realize that all else feels just as hurt by your judgments as you feel with theirs?
Within our mental capacity, as humans, we were given the blueprints to judgment. Judgment is a very useful tool, if used correctly, in the proper places.
We humans have grown a custom to using this tool in all the wrong places. This is why we have a special department in our police departments to deal with hate crimes. Judging and sentencing people for the color of their skin, race, religion, intelligence, coping skills, or lack of, stage in life, where they live, what they have, and I could go on forever.
How often do we see things in life or things that others make or acquire and then decide we like or don’t like it after judging it? Our judgment may not be necessarily right at all.
The person who is in ownership of this object and the next person that comes along may truly like it. Remembering that we all have the same human capacity and blueprints as to how to judge, yet what we like and dislike are completely different. In this we see clearly that our judgment is meant to be used only for personal desires and needs, not to be putting down whatever it is that we have judges not for ourselves.
Judgment is meant to help us make good decisions and protect ourselves.

One must give respect to one-self before it can be given to others, or even before one can be respected. Like love, respect must be the way we deal with ourselves. If we do not respect ourselves, we put out signals to other that it is ok to disrespect us, hence others will find it very hard, if not imposable to react in a respectful manner.
Respect is not just action. A show of respect is not true respect it is just what it says, a show of respect! It is easy for any of us to act respectful, be respectful, or show respect, but that is exactly what we are doing. Acting like we respect each other. This is not true respect at all.
When we truly respect, we send a message of positively from the right side of our brain, {the emotional center}, to our soul and our soul then send out positive emotional energy. Much in the same way we send love to one another. We think loving thoughts. Respectful thoughts can be sent the same way, and with the show as well it becomes true respect. When one only respect’s because someone demands it, there is no sincerity within and it is phony.
One must give respect to others before others can give respect to them. Many people, such as authority figures, {police to criminals, judges to accused, parents to children, teachers to student, manager to staff, seem to believe, {usually due to their position in society}, others should automatically respect them but they do not have to be respectful towards the people they are demanding respect from. At best they may receive a show of respect but, actual respect is also sincere and has emotion attached. If I want someone to respect me, I must give the same respect.
Since respect is universal, {in the same aspect as love is}, it has to be given to be received as all else in this universe works likewise.

Respect is Sincerely:
In thought, word and deed:

1. Respecting oneself and others weather you agree with whom or what they are and do. One can always give common human respect.

2. Being honest as possible, (in this world as it is total honesty is almost imposable but one should never lie to those they love regardless of the reason).

3. Being sincere and not playing head games, manipulating and cheating. Keeping ones word when given.

4. Seeing clearly another's boundaries and not crossing them, unless requested to do so.

5. Being honorable, dignified, open minded, caring and polite towards oneself and others

6. Keeping one’s word to one selves and others

7. Being able to look into others eyes when conversing or communicating in any way

8. Being open to the fact that, respect is earned and goes both ways no matter what you position within society is.
Accepting others and yourself as you are.
Believe in something and be loyal to this belief.
And withhold not things justly due to men, nor do evil in the land, working mischief. And fear Him Who created you and (who created) the generations before (you).

Angel Femia

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